Monday, 3 June 2013

Land Profit Generator - Retirement Investing Strategies

Would you be surprised to discover that vacant land can be an excellent investing strategy for your retirement planning and long term investing goals? The Land Profit Generator by Jack Bosch has brought up the idea that you could use vacant land to print money legally for your golden years. Find out how in this review.
Everyone knows that over the long term, real estate and vacant land in particularly will always increase in value. Vacant land can increase a lot more on average than any improved real estate. The reason being that once development moves into an undeveloped area, any parcels located their will multiply in desirability and value.
If you locate vacant land for pennies on the dollar, using the methods in the Land Profit Generator system, you can use your self-directed IRA or 401k or other retirement funds to buy these properties. You can then sell some of the land to replenish the cash in your account, keep the ones that are most likely to appreciate in the future, and then keep buying more parcels.
You can end up with a large portfolio of vacant land parcels that can be maintained for very little over many years. Once it comes time to draw from your retirement funds, you simply sell one or two pieces of land every year and you will have a great and retirement without any financial worries.
Let us take a look at an example. For this example you start out with a retirement account balance of just $10,000 in 2009. You buy five parcels for $2,000 each at twenty cents on the dollar. Next, you sell one for $10,000. SInce you do not have to pay any taxes on the gains because you are doing this in a tax deferred retirement account, you now have $10,000 in the account again and can start buying all over. But you also still have the other four parcels.
You can implement this strategy at your own pace. It will be very easy to buy ten properties each year in your spare time. This way you will accumulate a portfolio of 80 parcels over the course of the next ten years. Even with only modest appreciation over this period of time you will have built a Million Dollar retirement portfolio starting with only $10,000 today.